Art Show at St. Benedict's Parish in Mohnton, PA

"Jesus and the Scriptures"

“Jesus and Scriptures” is an art exhibit depicting a God of pure goodness, who cares about our struggles, and burdens. He hears us, He empathizes with us, He shows mercy. The images which “Jesus and Scriptures” brings to people testify to a God with flesh on, who is approachable.

Jesus Crucified oil painting. Light a Candles charcoal drawing

This is a traveling art show that is exhibited in parishes, schools,  and retreats. The images include the life of Christ and other scriptures in both the Old and New Testaments. The art is labeled with a scripture passage to aid viewers in understanding the art.

On Good Friday Jesus agonized in the Garden of Gethsemane as He carried all the sin of mankind on His body.

Questions and Answers

How many pieces of art will be shown?  30 – 40 pieces are in the traveling art exhibit. If your venue is smaller, fewer pieces will be on display.

Who does the installation?  The artist does the entire installation. No other employees or volunteers are needed except arrangements with the building custodian to open the building.

Can I have a “meet and greet” or presentation by the artist? Yes you can, but it is not a requirement.

What is the cost?  There is no fee.

How long is the art on exhibit?  For parishes the length of time is at least one week.  For retreats, it is the length of the retreat.


Sample Art

Mary, the Blessed Mother was selected by God to give birth to His Son, Jesus.

Jesus is the Messiah of all humankind. He freely gives His divine mercy to all who seek Him.

Christ gave the ultimate sacrifice, death on the cross.

Jesus calls each of us by name and He says, Come to Me, for I love you and desire to be your best friend.

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