Following is information on holding an Art Show or Special Event at your church, school, or organization.

Q. How many pieces of art will be shown?

About 30 pieces of art will be shown

Q How long does the art show last?

One week, from Saturday morning to following Saturday morning.

Q. Who does the installation?

We do the entire installation. No other employees from the parish are needed except arrangements with the building custodian for a ladder or table.

Q. What does it cost to have you come to our parish?

There is no cost at all.  This is a Catholic ministry and we do not receive any compensation.

Q. Can I have a “meet and greet” with the artist at the art show?

Yes, after your Saturday or Sunday Masses. But this is up to the discretion of the pastor. A presentation is not a requirement to host the exhibit.

Q. When is the best time to host an art show?

During Lent is an appropriate time to reflect on the life and death of Jesus.  Other good times are during Advent, a Parish Retreat, A Life in the Spirit Seminar, or during a Cursillo.

Q. Can you give a presentation on the artwork?

Yes, a formal presentation can be given for about 15 - 30 minutes.

Q. How do I schedule the art show to come to my parish?

Contact Michelle White at 610-468-7112 or John White at 610-468-7111.

Q. Is the artwork for sale?

No, not during the show. The purpose of the art exhibit is to aid in reflection and meditation.   Purchase can be arranged separately by appointment on an individual basis.