Mother and Child colored pencil drawing 19" x 27" on paper
The Bride
Chris, John, and Kate
portrait, family portrait, family and pet, drawing
Johnny (pastel)
Joshua, German Shorthair

Commission a Portrait

Many people like to have a portrait of their children, parents, and pets. A hand drawn portrait becomes a family heirloom to be passed on to future generations. Michelle White does these portraits from photography.  Sometimes, a photograph that you already have can be used. Other times, a new photograph should be taken.  Source of light and shadows is an integral part of Michelle's drawings. This is how she can depict solid forms with light and shadow on the face.

Portrait Prices

Prices depend on the size of the drawing and whether you want the drawing in charcoal, colored pencil, or pastel. Call for a quote on your personalize portrait.    Click here for a quotation.

Photos on left from the top.

Mother and Child (charcoal drawing)

The Bride (charcoal drawing)

Chris, John, and Kate White (colored pencil)

Family with pet. (charcoal drawing)

Boy on a Boat (pastel)

Joshua, German Shorthair (charcoal drawing)

Next Step

Call for a quotation on your portrait.