Speaking Engagements

Listen to the testimony of Michelle White and how she was healed by our Lord through her artwork.  She tells her story of going through the  grieving processafter the birth of her third child, Katie, who was born with Down syndrome.  Her healing led her down another road, from facing the reality of her child’s medical issues to healing from a much deeper wound, sexual abuse, from her own childhood.  In her art she talks about the journey through shame, depression, guilt, anger, negotiation, repentance, and forgiveness of her abuser.  Jesus took her from the depths of darkness to living in joy and inner peace, all gift from the Divine Mercy of God.

Michelle White has been speaking publicly for 20 years. She has given talks  to small groups and also groups of 500. Usually she speaks at Charismatic prayer groups, church retreats, youth groups, religious ed classes, and art classes. Her speaking engagements have taken her to New York City, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Art Show "Jesus and the Scriptures"

Add something new to your parish retreat or Easter Season this year. Hang an art show in your common area, social hall, or hallways.  We do all the work; you just open your doors.

This art is bold and moving, different from anything you’ve seen before. The Jesus Story art exhibit depicts a God of pure goodness, who cares about us and our  struggles. He hears us, He empathizes with us, He shows  us divine mercy. The exhibit is appropriate for Advent, Lent, Parish Retreat, Charismatic meetings, Schools,  Colleges, Life in the Spirit Retreat, Youth Groups, Cursillo and other public events.

Parish Retreat

Host a powerful Art Show depicting the life and death of Jesus at your Parish Retreat or Lent Season.

Inspire your parishioners with these powerful images of the life and death of Christ for Holy Week.

Increase the faith of your congregation.

Add to your PREP program 


Many people like to have a portrait of their children, parents, and pets. A hand drawn portrait becomes a family heirloom to be passed on to future generations. Michelle White does these portraits from photography.

Art Class

Invite Michelle White to visit your art classroom and inspire students to develop their talents. Ms. White will give a power point presentation of her artwork. Along with the presentation she will bring sample pieces of her artwork for the students to view. Q and A will follow the talk.    

In addition, Ms. White can hang an art show of 10 to 30 pieces of art, depending on the size of your venue, for the entire school.  Call today to schedule your visit.


Invite Michelle White to visit your religion class and inspire students to develop a personal relationship with God.  Ms. White will give a power point presentation of her artwork over the years and how God has guided her along the way.. In addition to the lesson,  she will bring powerful imagery for the students to view. Q and A will follow. 

If you like, Ms. White can bring an art show to your location of 10 to 30 pieces of art, depending on the size of your venue.  Call today to schedule your visit.

Ceramic Water Filters

There are many people in this world who go without food or water. Haiti is such a country. Consider how often you use water, to bathe, to drink, to cook, to water your lawn . . . well, you get the idea.  Now picture yourself living in Haiti where water comes out of an open pipe on the side of the road. In Haiti, most people drink but a cup of water per day. 

HEART for the Nations is addressing this crisis by establishing a water filter factory in Haiti in 2019.  Plans are underway to find potters, a location, a school or church that can build a factory and sustain its operation for decades to come.

Michelle White in 2002 established HEARTftn to supply potable water in Central America. HEARTftn has worked in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Myanmar distributing water filters and building filter factories to help the most vulnerable children in these countries.  One out of five children below the age of five dies because of the lack of clean water.

Please help us help them. Your donation, no mater how small or large will help.

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